1. August 1, 2012

    Appcelerator wants developers to create game-changing mobile apps


    Appcelerator, the leading platform for mobile development, just launched its first-ever Mobile Dev Challenge, a competition inviting software developers worldwide to create trailblazing mobile apps using the company’s products. Create a mobile application that integrates with Appcelerator’s platform, and you’ll be in the running for some fantastic prizes.

    One First Prize winner will receive $15,000 in cash, an all-expenses-paid trip to the CODESTRONG conference in San Francisco, stage time at the event, and a Nexus 7 Tablet. One Second Prize winner will receive $5,000 in cash, the trip to San Francisco, stage time at CODESTRONG, and the tablet. The Top 10 Apps will be awarded $200 in cash and a Nexus 7 tablet. In addition to all these, a bonus prize of $5,000 will be awarded to the best app that uses the Box API

    Appcelerator’s award-winning Titanium platform has already been used to create over 40,000 mobile apps, and the company’s CEO, Jeff Haynie, says he can’t wait to see more: 

    Our developers never cease to amaze me with their creativity. I’m really looking forward to seeing what new, innovative apps and businesses they will create as part of this challenge. 

    Need some inspiration? Visit Appcelerator’s Mobile App Showcase and check out some of the apps that Jeff’s talking about. Award-winners include apps for NBC, ZipCar, LEGOLAND, eBay Corporate, and GetGlue. 

    So do you have what it takes to dazzle the judges with a groundbreaking mobile app?

    The submission period is open from now until September 30, 2012.  Download the SDK, review the documentation, and start building in Appcelerator’s studio today! 

    We invite you to join us on Facebook, follow @ChallengePost on Twitter, and use the hashtag #Appcelerator when you tweet. 

    By Megan 

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