1. May 27, 2010

    ChallengePost Selected As Government-wide Challenge Platform

    U.S. Chooses ChallengePost as Vehicle for Innovation Across Government Agencies

    New York, May 27, 2010ChallengePost, a global marketplace for challenges, announced today that it was chosen by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)to power prize-oriented challenges government-wide. ChallengePost was selected due to the overall quality of the company’s offering, its ability to meet the government’s requirements, its experience running challenges and the ease of use of the ChallengePost platform.  

    With this announcement, the administration aims to push the bounds of innovation to help solve our Nation’s most pressing problems; ChallengePost will play a critical role in lowering the barriers for public sector use of prizes and challenges.

    “We’re extremely excited to be working closely with the government, and to use challenges to help solve problems, generate ideas, and increase innovation,” said ChallengePost CEO, Brandon Kessler.

    President Obama called on government agencies early in his presidency to increase the use of prizes and challenges to spur innovation and bring the best ideas to bear on our nation’s most pressing problems. The March 8 Guidance from the Office of the President committed to make available a web-based platform for government challenges and prizes.

    First Lady Michelle Obama recognized the power of prizes to mobilize new and diverse talent to tackle problems, and to capture the public’s imagination. On March 10, she announced the Apps for Healthy Kids competition, powered by ChallengePost, aimed at ending child obesity within a generation.

    In July, agencies will be able to use the platform to easily post problems and invite the public to suggest, discuss, collaborate, and judge solutions. The GSA will also provide government-wide services to share best practices and assist agencies in developing guidelines for issuing challenges. Doing so will greatly simplify the public engagement process for both agencies and the public.

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