1. November 3, 2011

    Scientific research to the nth power

    imageIf you’re one of the 15 million science researchers, librarians, and developers worldwide who use SciVerse, your research experience just got better.

    Back in April, Elsevier, a world-leading provider of scientific, technical, and medical information products and services, launched the Apps for Science challenge. The challenge asked software developers to create apps that enhance scientific search and discovery on the SciVerse platform.

    Here are the winning apps:

    • Grand Prize ($15,000)
      Altmetric, by Euan Adie, measures the attention that scientific articles receive via social media and online news sites, then adds the data to articles and search results on ScienceDirect & SciVerse Hub.
    • Second Prize ($10,000)
      Refinder, by Leo Sauermann and Bernhard Schandl of Gnowsis.com (a DFKI.de spinoff), adds personal information management and social functions to SciVerse. Users can add comments to articles, place multiple papers in a collection, and share comments with co-workers.
    • Third Prize ($5,000)/Popular Choice Prize ($5,000):
      iHelp, by a team from Integra India led by Mourougane Arumugam and Ashok Kumar, enables researchers to search in their native language and retrieve articles using multilingual search.
    • Two apps received honorable mentionsKeyword Optimizer, by Scott Fortmann-Roe, helps authors identify keywords to boost the impact of their papers.  ChemDetect, by Kevin Lynagh of Keming Labs, helps chemists quickly scan an article for mentions of chemicals and get the corresponding structure and image files. 

    In total, the competition generated 27 innovative applications, ranging from productivity and time-saving tools, to visualizations of search results and author data, to social add-ons enabling collaboration. 

    Ready to research smarter, not harder? Enjoy the power of these SciVerse enhancements!

    By Samantha

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    Press Release
    Elsevier Competition Results in Some New Apps for SciVerse – And Science [SemanticWeb]

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