1. July 23, 2014

    6 Winning Food, Beer, and Laundry Delivery Hacks from the delivery.com App Challenge

    This past February, delivery.com asked developers to rethink online ordering and explore its new API. The first of its kind, delivery.com’s API connects users to thousands of local restaurants, grocers, liquor stores, laundries, and dry cleaners.

    Here’s what the winning hacks delivered, pun fully intended:

    delivery.com App Challenge winners

    • Bar Cart First Prize - Liquor Stores ($15,000)
      Use your phone to find a new cocktail recipe and order all the ingredients. Shake the app, and see what the bartender serves up.

    • Liquory Second Prize - Liquor Stores ($5,000)
      Hacked in just 10 days, Liquory integrates with Yelp, Yummly, and beer social network Untappd to make beer & wine delivery quick and easy.

    • Basket First Prize - Laundries & Dry Cleaners ($15,000)
      Schedule laundry pickups and deliveries from the closest dry cleaner in just a few taps.

    • FitMunch First Prize - Restaurants ($15,000)
      Bye bye french fries, hello salads. This mobile hack recommends and delivers healthy meals from local restaurants.

    • Gastronomie Second Prize - Restaurants ($5,000)
      Hungry, but not sure what you want? Gastronomie recommends the perfect food based on your location, time of day, and how you’re feeling.

    • Transit Takeout Popular Choice Prize ($5,000)
      A brilliant hack for New Yorkers who don’t live within the delivery zone of their favorite restaurants.

    Other submissions included apps for loyalty rewards, wine recommendation, party planning, and more. Go to the challenge gallery to see all 15 projects and like/comment on your favorites.

    Looking for more ideas to inspire your next hack? Explore our community’s software projects and check out the latest hackathons and online challenges.

  2. July 22, 2014

    Tune up your Portfolio during Hackathon Preseason

    This fall is going to be our busiest hackathon season ever, which means potential teammates and sponsors will be looking for you on ChallengePost and checking out your Portfolio.

    Since we introduced team building on ChallengePost, over 2,000 hackers have connected with teammates at hackathons. Your portfolio is often the first introduction you’ll have to potential teammates, so make sure it looks great.

    Here are three tips to get your Portfolio in tip top shape:

    1. Import your projects from GitHub

    Your Portfolio already includes all of your hackathon projects, but what about your side hacks, scripts, and other open source code? We’ve made it super easy to import GitHub projects into your Portfolio. Just click the repo and go!


    2. Show us what you’re Built With

    ChallengePost’s Built With tags drive more attention to your projects. Are you using FourSquare, Twilio, or Alchemy in your projects? Tag them so they appear in the official API galleries and show other hackers that you’re on top of your game.

    And you never know who else might check out your work! (hint - we actively promote your hacks to API providers)


    3. Don’t abandon your projects

    Hackathons are a great place to kick off projects and you can get a lot done in 24 hours. But, often some of the most amazing things happen after the awards and demos are over.

    After you recover from your pizza coma and RedBull headache, revisit your project and update it with the latest screenshots, videos, and demo links. Just because the hackathon is over doesn’t mean you have to stop hacking!


  3. July 17, 2014

    Upcoming hackathons + learn more about your hackers

    Hope your summer is going well! I want to highlight some of the amazing hackathons we’re powering and how ChallengePost can help you get to know your hackers. 

    What’s coming up on ChallengePost


    This fall we’re excited to power some of the biggest and best hackathons, including: Y-Hack, TechCrunch Disrupt, YCHacks, PennApps, Hack SC, Hack the North, Hack Rice, Big Red Hacks, Hack PSU, HS Hacks, Hack CC, WildHacks, TAMUHack, Kent Hack Enough, GeauxHacks and McHacks

    In addition to all these North American events, you’ll also find us in Vietnam, England, Italy, and India.

    ChallengePost makes it easy to promote your event, build teams, collect submissions, judge, and show off all the hacks with video, images, and markdown — and it’s always free!

    Plus, hackers can keep updating hacks in their portfolios even after the weekend ends! It only takes 15 minutes to get your hackathon setup. Get started here.

    Learn more about your hackers


    Stay in touch with your hackers by following them on ChallengePost. We’ll notify you whenever they publish new software in their portfolios, import projects from Github, or register for challenges and hackathons.

    The more you know about your hackers, the better you can tailor your event and marketing.

    Show your sponsors value year-round

    Sponsors enable you to throw amazing events. Show them that your audience is familiar with their tools and interested in learning more about them. Use submissions, tag galleries, and portfolios to identify hackathon projects which use key sponsor APIs and technologies.


    Join our team and pursue your passion

    Like you, we’re committed to celebrating hackers and their work. If you want to make a huge impact on the hackathon circuit and build the world’s best platform for showcasing hacks, we’d love to meet you.

    We’re currently hiring web developers in New York City.


    - Richard

    p.s. Day or night, I’m here to help! Text or call me @ 202.203.0025

  4. July 16, 2014

    22 Awesome Summer Hackathons & Challenges

    What and where do you want to hack this summer? We’ve got 22 new competitions on deck from Ford, Variable, TeamSpeak, Y Combinator, and more. Use them as a springboard for your next big project, or just a fun weekend hack.

    Dive in — there are over $1.5M in prizes waiting for you! For weekly updates about the latest competitions, sign up here.

    Wearable Tech

    Apps & Games

    Transport & Mobility

    Internet of Things, Sensors, Computer Vision

    • Computer Visionaries 2014: $2,050 in prizes (Dallas, TX. 7/18–19)
      Hack the new Kinect for Windows v2 SDK to build amazing software that use gesture, body tracking, voice, and other controls.

    • HACKANODE 2014: $16,500 in prizes (Global - Ends 9/24)
      Get the award-winning NODE+ (free via the link!) — a highly flexible, advanced, and sophisticated sensor platform that tracks temperature, pressure, humidity, color, movement, and more.

    Civic Hacking

    Small Business Tech

    Travel Tech

    General: Make Something Awesome

    Open Source

    • Hack FOSSCON Hackathon (Philadelphia, PA. 8/8–9)
      Meet, collaborate, and hack on free open source technologies.
  5. June 24, 2014

    Introducing Portfolios: Tell the Story Behind Your Code

    We’ve had the privilege of watching amazing software projects come to life over the last few years. Whether browsing through competition galleries online or attending hackathon demos in real life, we’re wowed every single day. You’ve probably seen some of our favorite apps and hacks featured in recent newsletters.

    But we noticed that outside of challenges and hackathons, there wasn’t a place for our community to get inspired, gain exposure, or showcase software they’d made.

    That’s why we created Portfolios.


    One portfolio for all of your software

    Demo your open source projects, mobile apps, hardware hacks, and more. Share fun side projects or exhibit professional work.

    Get up and running in a snap

    Import projects directly from GitHub and use markdown, app store links, screenshots, and video to illustrate your creative process. Your submissions from ChallengePost hackathons and challenges are imported automatically.

    Gather feedback and connect with fellow makers around the world

    Tag your projects by API or technology and we’ll notify you whenever somebody likes or comments on it.

    Find your next inspiration

    Follow developers and designers that you admire on ChallengePost. You’ll be the first to know when they register for a challenge or publish new software.

    What are you waiting for? Create your portfolio now!

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